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Saturday, 13 June 2015

918 G-SGTS Heads to Paris and Twin Otter Marketing Expands to China

918 - DHC-6-400 G-SGTS Loganair Ltd., Glasgow


  • Glasgow, UK (EGPF/GLA) - Coventry, UK (EGBE/CVT)


  • Coventry, UK (EGBE/CVT) - Paris-Le Bourget (LFPB/LBG)

G-SGTS has been flown to Paris by Viking Air, using the Loganair call sign LOG520T to participate in the 2015 Paris Air Show.

MSN 918 - DHC-6-400 G-SGTS
Loganair Ltd.
Paris-Le Bourget 14-Jun-2015
Ken Swartz Photo

Viking Air Set to Launch Twin Otter Sales in the People's Republic of China

After spending the last 18-24 months trying to get the Twin Otter certified by Chinese aviation authorities, Viking Air is now able to actually sell and deliver the product to China. Officially announced yesterday by dignitaries from Canada and the People's Republic of China, the Bilateral Aviation Technical Arrangement paves the way for Viking to become the first Canadian company to benefit from the new agreement.

While the company awaited approval it took the opportunity to work the trade shows and establish contacts, and is signing with a locally based partner to market the product. Viking is hoping to spend the next 30-60 days firming up agreements with potential customers, and will then be able to begin delivering the aircraft to the country. The company sees a potential of up to 25 aircraft annually in the Chinese market, valued at $3.5 billion in export potential over the next 20 years.

MSN 434 - DHC-6-400 C-FDHT
Heath Mofatt Photo

Those familiar with the Twin Otter are likely aware that although this new agreement allows for the import of the Viking Series 400 product, the legacy series Twin Otters were previously operated in the People's Republic of China. Beginning in 1978, a total of 12 -300 Series were delivered to state owned operators, all of which had been exported again by the late 1990's. During the period that the legacy models were in the country, the Chinese developed their own light transport/utility aircraft, the Harbin Y-12 that had seating for 17, and was powered by two PWC PT6A-27 engines.

First Twin Otter Crews Recruited for People's Republic of China 

In related news within the same region, CCAG-Air has begun advertising for Twin Otter Series 300 & 400 flight crews with float experience. The two year contract positions for Captains and First Officers are slated to begin in Sep/Oct-2015, and are based in China's Shandong province.

Further details can be found here