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Wednesday, 29 August 2012



In the six months since beginning TwinOtterSpotter there has been a consistent increase in regular readers – certainly helped to a great degree by our partnership with and . While the bulk of our readership is strongly North American, there are daily regular visitors from most every corner of the globe.

One area where we could all benefit is by an increased amount of contribution from the readers. Currently a lot of our content comes from regulatory sources and publications, and various flight tracking programs. Additionally, each day I do a broad sweep through about 50 web sources, including other blogs looking for changes around the world.

How can you help?  The first thing is don’t get hung up on whether something is “newsworthy” – if I’ve learned anything in the last six months, it is that a report or photograph of a seemingly common Twin Otter can often answer long standing mysteries. Aircraft that have been “off the radar” for months or even years often pop up in regular everyday type reports.

I’d be happy to receive any Twin Otter sighting reports – I can easily sift through the content for anything that is noteworthy. The same applies for photographs as well – although I can’t guarantee that every photo contribution will be published, photos are invaluable in helping understand an aircraft or operator history. My only request is that if you would like to see it published it should ideally be a size of about 1024 pixels width or larger. Photos will always be credited in the manner requested by the contributor, and can be linked to a location of the contributors choice. Any photo can also be contributed anonymously as well – as long as you hold the rights to the photo.

There are many geographical areas where there are considerable Twin Otter operations, but not always a lot of information – Africa and South America in general, The Maldives, Nepal, Papua New Guinea & Indonesia specifically. Any information, sightings or photographs from these regions would be great. Here in North America any reports and/or photographs from the following locations in particular would be helpful:

·         Calgary-International, AB (CYYC) and Calgary-Springbank, AB (CYBW)

·         French Valley Airport, Murietta, CA (F70)

·         West Georgia Regional Airport, Carrollton, GA (KCTJ)

·         Rutherford County Airport, Rutherfordton, NC (KFQD)

·         Atlanta Southern Regional Airport, Hampton, GA (4A7)


·         Altenrhein-Saint Gallen Airport, Switzerland (LSZR)

·         Malta International Airport, (LMML)

Lastly, the blog has received quite a number of regular visitors associated with the sport of Skydiving. Although the number of Twin Otters used for skydiving purposes has seemingly reached a plateau, due to lack of available used airframes, the existing fleet is constantly changing.

These aircraft are notoriously difficult to keep track of – any sightings (and photographs) at all are welcome. Just a simple report of what was seen at Deland, Zephyrhills, Cross Keys or Eloy allows us to keep accurate histories of the aircraft.

All contributions can be sent to the e-mail address in the left column of the blog. Anyone is welcome to contribute anonymously if preferred. Suggestions on things you’d like to see on the blog are also welcome, however please be aware that it must remain non-commercial.

Thank-you for your continuing support.