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Friday, 7 June 2013

Aircraft Movements & Photo Update

On 26-Sep-1971 a DHC-6-100 CF-CSF, operated by Standard Developments suffered a power loss after take-off from Edmonton-Municipal Airport necessitating a forced landing. The aircraft was put down rather skillfully in the Athlone neighbourhood which lies under the departure path from the Municipal Airport's runway 30.  As can be seen in the photograph below, there was little (if any) damage to the aircraft, and it was returned to service shortly thereafter....and no, I'm not sure how it was returned back to the airport.
MSN 75 remains operational in Israel forty-two years after this incident.
The photo below was taken by the Edmonton Journal's John Denniston who was diverted from an advertising shoot to capture the incident scene. It subsequently won the Canadian Press image of the month award for the photographer. John's website is at: 

MSN 75 - DHC-6-100 CF-CSF
Standard Developments Ltd.
Edmonton, AB 26-Sep-1971
John Denniston Photo

381 - DHC-6-300 F-OIAQ Air Caledonie, Noumea


  • Port Moresby-Jackson, (AYPY/POM) - Cairns, QLD (YBCS/CNS)

F-OIAQ has positioned over from New Caledonia for maintenance in Cairns, where it is expected to stay for the next six weeks. It can be seen in the picture below, courtesy of FNQ Skies.

MSN 381 - DHC-6-300 F-OIAQ
Cairns, QLD 07-Jun-2013
FNQ Skies Photo

862 - DHC-6-400 N762RT U.S. Army Fixed Wing Project Office, Huntsville, AL

Civilian registration cancelled 05-Jun-2013 to take up military marks 0800263 with the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team.

As had been expected, the Regent Series 400 C-GLVA was received amphibious floats, and looks very nice indeed. Thanks to Tim for the photograph.

MSN 874 - DHC-6-400 C-GLVA
Viking Air Ltd. (Regent Airways/Chevron Bangladesh)
Victoria, BC 06-Jun-2013
Tim Martin Photo