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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Photo Update

Some photographs from my collection which are being prepared for Twin Otter Archive later this year. Credits to original photographer are listed when known.

MSN 69 - DHC-6-100 N2714R
Alaska Aeronautical Industries
Anchorage, AK Jun-1979
E.J. Kimberley Photo

MSN 78 - DHC-6-100 C-FAKM
Airwest Airlines
Vancouver, BC Sep-1978
Photographer Unknown

MSN 343 - DHC-6-300 C-FWAG
Methow Aviation
Feb 1985
Bob Garrard Photo

MSN 372 - DHC-6-300 N24RM
Rocky Mountain Airways
Calgary, AB - Jul-1979
Photographer Unknown

MSN 525 - DHC-6-300 G-BEJP
Aberdeen, Scotland - May-1981
Photographer Unknown

MSN 617 - DHC-6-300 G-BGMC
Jersey European Airways
Jersey - Oct-1985
Chris Mak Photo

MSN 707 - DHC-6-300 VH-USW
SkyWest Airlines
Perth, WA - Nov-1984
R.N. Smith Photo

MSN 732 - DHC-6-300 G-BIEM
Newcastle, UK - 06-Jul-1982
Photographer Unknown
MSN 751 - DHC-6-300 N710PV
Aloha IslandAir
Kapalua, Maui
Peter Miche Photo

MSN 791 - DHC-6-300 9M-MDJ
Malaysian Airlines
Shoreham, UK - 06-Mar-1982
Fred Knight Photo

If you are the photographer of any listed as unknown, please be in contact so the photograph can be credited accordingly.