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Monday, 21 October 2013

Photo Update

Continuing on with just a few more from the contributions of Paul Howard in Australia, some nice examples from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines

MSN 55 - DHC-6-100 PK-YNM
PT Trigana Air Service
Jakarta-Halim, Indonesia Oct-1996
Paul Howard Photo

MSN 76 - DHC-6-100 PK-MAM
Missionary Aviation Fellowship
Wewak, PNG 1985
Tony Skelton Photo

MSN 117 - DHC-6-200 P2-ALT
Hoskins, PNG 1997
Paul Howard Photo

MSN 164 - DHC-6-200 P2-MDK
Goroka Air Services
Goroka, PNG 1997
Paul Howard Photo

MSN 177 - DHC-6-200 RP-C1154
Pacific Airways Corp.
Manila, Philippines 1992
Paul Howard Photo