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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Photo Update

In the realm of things you can run across while scouring the web for Twin Otters, below are some interesting images (unfortunately undated). While a large number of Twin Otters were delivered to Libya, the fate of many remain uncertain. The photographs below provide some clues to the possible whereabouts of MSN 444, 637, 661, 677, 744, 747 and  757.

As is often the case there is more than one spelling of the location, I have gone with what is on Google Maps.

Thanks to the original photographer.

Looking a little worse for wear, but at least intact is MSN 444 which was imported to Libya in 1975 for Occidental, and later becoming Zueitina Oil.

MSN 444 - DHC-6-300 5A-DBJ
Zueitina Oil Company/Petro Air
As Sidr, Libya

The next few images capture what is/was sitting outside of the hangar facility in various states of non air-worthiness.

Left to Right:
MSN 637 - DHC-6-300 5A-DCV (white)  or possibly 5A-DCT?
MSN 744 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJG (green & white)MSN 757 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJI (white)

MSN 744 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJG (green & white)
MSN 637 - DHC-6-300 5A-DCV (white, to the right of 744)

Left to Right
MSN 661 - DHC-6-300 5A-DHY  (white)
MSN  747 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJH (green & white)
MSN 757 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJI (white)
As Sidr, Libya

MSN 677 - DHC-6-300 5A-DDE
As Sidr, Libya

The map below shows the airfield, and although the positioning of the Twin Otters is different, there are eight aircraft present, including four sitting on the runway.