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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Aircraft Movements & Photo Update

? - DHC-6-300 P2-KSU Hevilift, Waigani, PNG

13-Dec-2013 local

  • Cairns, QLD (YBCS/CNS) - Horn Island, QLD (YHID)
  • Horn Island, QLD (YHID) - Mount Hagen, PNG (AYMH/HGU)

P2-KSU has departed Cairns, and is currently on the way to Horn Island. Although we still don't have a MSN for this aircraft, it is presumed to be one of the ex-Airlines PNG examples that have been acquired by Hevilift. Based on the flightplans out of PNG to Cairns, and the fact that none of the three suspects below have since appeared on any internal PNG flightplans - it is quite possibly one of:

  • MSN 592 P2-MCD arr CNS 01-Nov-2013
  • MSN 673 P2-MCE arr CNS 09-Nov-2013
  • MSN 703 P2-MCX arr CNS 04-Dec-2013

MSN ? - DHC-6-300 P2-KSU
Cairns, QLD 12-Dec-2013
FNQ Skies Photo

On 23-Nov-2013, P2-KSO left Cairns for Horn Island (see the blog entry for the same day), which would make either 592 or 673 the likely candidate for that one, as 703 had not been positioned to Cairns yet.

Looking rather spectacular, although it seems to be shedding the Australian registration is MSN 557 VH-AQU of Unknown Destination Services. This aircraft flew for a short period in Indonesia before coming to Australia in Dec-2012, where it has since been offered for sale.

MSN 557 - DHC-6-300 VH-AQU
Unknown Destination Services
Bankstown, NSW Dec-2013
Lance Higgerson Photo