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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aircraft Movements


Having been looking for the identity of DHC-6-300 66003 since the photograph appeared on 13-Mar-2014, things became a bit more complicated with a new picture of DHC-6-300 66002.

Taken by Brandon Thetford at Fort Worth-Alliance on 02-Aug-2013, the outward appearance of 66002 is pretty well identical to 66003 (with some very minor anomalies in addition to the doors being installed or removed). Both are shown below:

? - DHC-6-300 66002
Fort Worth-Alliance, TX 02-Aug-2013
Brandon Thetford Photo

? - DHC-6-300 66003
Henderson, NV 14-Feb-2014
Aidan Curley Photo

Given their role with the Special Operations group, it is certainly not impossible that we are looking at the same airplane, with a revised serial number between Aug-2013 and Feb-2014 - or - just as possible, it is in fact two separate machines. Our leading candidates have been MSN 503 N504WJ, and MSN 562 N562CP both registered to Montana holding companies, however as covered in the blog on 07-May-2014, MSN 503 was recently flight planned out of Crestview, FL under its civilian registration N504WJ.

A reminder as well that we are still in search of the actual identity of DHC-6 N212RA (covered in the blog on 04-Dec-2013) which was noted 02-Dec-2013:

? -  DHC-6 N212RA