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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Historical Twin Otter Operator Profile

Ameriflight LLC
1515 W. 20th Street, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TX 75261

Formed: 1968
Callsign: Amflight

Ameriflight, formerly California Air Charter is currently the largest regional air cargo carrier in the world, operating 1700 flights a week to 250 desinations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The company is now headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and has bases in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Hayward, Burbank, Ontario, Phoenix, San Antonio, Omaha, Louisville, Cincinnati, Lansing, Buffalo, Miami, San Juan and Borinquen.

Currently, the airline operates 29 Piper PA-31-350's, 57 Beech 99's, 46 Fairchild Metroliners, 25 Beech 1900's and 8 Embraer Brasilias.

California Air Charter/Ameriflight's association with the Twin Otter began in 1984 with the lease of two Series 300 aircraft from Bradley Air Services, and a further 7 would be operated over the next six years. The aircraft were generally operated in Southern California, most would never carry any titles, and all would remain in whatever paint scheme they arrived in.

MSN 53 DHC-6-100 N203E Jul-1986 toAug-1989

Photo: M.J. Ody

MSN 66 DHC-6-100 N166DH Nov-1986 to Nov-1987

Photo: Unknown

MSN 92 DHC-6-100 N525N 1986 to 1989

Photo: John Kimberley

MSN 131 DHC-6-200 N187SA Sep-1985 to Feb-1990

Photo: Unknown

MSN 135 DHC-6-200 N53AN Aug-1986 to Jun-1988

Photo: A.J. Hickey

MSN 191 DHC-6-200 N66191 Apr-1985 to Feb-1990

Photo: Henry Tenby

MSN 216 DHC-6-200 N924MA Apr-1986 to Feb-1990

Photo: Brian Gore

MSN 427 DHC-6-300 C-GNDN Oct-1984 to Jun-1985

Photo: Charles R. Stewart

MSN 507 DHC-6-300 C-GPJB Oct-1984 to Oct-1985

Photo: Charles R. Stewart