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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Photo Update

Since learning of the rebuild of MSN 90 back in Aug-2014 we have been following the progress as Australia's CJ Aerospace prepares the aircraft for delivery to Suriname.

Built in 1967 for Skymark Airlines of Sacramento, CA, it went on to serve with Aero Commuter, Golden West, Frontier Airlines, Mountain Air Cargo, and finally Umatilla Aviation Services, a skydiving outfit from Florida. It went down under in 1995, and flew for the next ten or so years with Sydney Aerial Tours.

The before and after pictures below clearly show the amount of work that has been accomplished to bring SN 90 back to top condition.

Always great to see that the demand for the legacy Twin Otters is such that rebuilding projects like this are viable. MSN 90 first flew in November of 1967, forty-seven years ago!

MSN 90 - DHC-6-100 VH-OTA
Sydney Aerial Tours/Sydney Skydiving Center

MSN 90 - DHC-6-100 (VH-BVS)
CJ Aerospace Pty Ltd.