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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Photo Update

Just a few photographs that I have scanned and prepared for upload to TwinOtterArchive

Looking a little neglected sitting in the hangar at Whitehorse in Aug-1980, C-FQHC had been in the hands of the Receivers of Northward since March 1980. It was back in the air by the fall of that year, and soldiered on until 2010.

MSN 21 - DHC-6-100 C-FQHC
Northward Airlines
Whitehorse, YT Aug-1980
Gary Vincent Photo

Minus a fair number of components, but still intact the former C-FQHC is seen below in 2014.

MSN 21 - DHC-6-100 C-GBPE
Ashe Aircraft Enterprises
Springbank, AB 29-Sep-2014
Kenneth I Swartz Photo

Having lost her wings, but otherwise not looking too bad, David Boatman's N927BA is seen below at Springbank in 1989. The aircraft was built for Aeralpi of Italy in 1967, and returned to North America shortly after with Mackey and Metro Airlines, and then to Boatman Airlift in 1982.

MSN 50 - DHC-6-100 N927BA
Boatman Airlift Inc.
Springbank, AB - Sep-1989
Anthony J. Hickey Photo
The fuselage of N927BA remains part of the pile-o-twinotters at Springbank, as seen in the picture below from Sep-2014

MSN 50 - DHC-6-100 N927BA
Boatman Airlift Inc.
Springbank, AB - Sep-2014
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

Alaska Aeronautical Industries' airplanes were seldom ever much to look at, but N332MA below certainly takes the ugly trophy for its rhinoplasty gone wrong.  In Jan-1980 the aircraft undershot the runway at Kenai, AK and was patched up and taken to Calgary for repair.

MSN 32 - DHC-6-100 N332MA
AAI-Alaska Aeronautical Industries
Calgary, AB Mar-1980
M. J. Ody Photograph