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Friday, 28 November 2014

C-GVEP from Deer Valley, AZ to Mexico ?

Filed a short while ago for departure from Deer Valley, AZ (which is in the northern part of Phoenix) to Chihuahua, Mexico is DHC-6 C-GVEP.

The problem is that C-GVEP is currently DHC-6-400 MSN 915, which shouldn't have left the factory in Calgary as yet, considering 914 is still there, and 913 just left there for painting on 21-Nov-2014. The previous use of C-GVEP was way back to MSN 881.

I'm suspecting this might actually be MSN 910, which departed Victoria on 26-Nov-2014 as FAP313, particularly as the Peruvians have used Deer Valley as an en route stop on earlier deliveries.