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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mid Week Photo Update

Continues to be quiet on the news front, although there is a fair bit going on, not much that is at the "can print it" stage.

I have been working on a Twin Otter operator directory to upload. Canada and the U.S. are almost complete, and I will upload that first and continue to work on the rest. 

You also may have noticed that I moved some page links into tabs near the top of the page. The four that are currently there were selected because they generate the most visits historically. The Twin Otter Operator Directory will also be placed there once it is uploaded. That will leave three remaining spots - if anyone is interested in one of these three tabs (linked direct to your website) please contact me via the link on your mid-right screen. This includes current link-holders if you would prefer to move to top of the screen (bearing in mind these spots are text only).

Last Thursday I ran a photo of the Series 400 N153QS sitting on the ramp at Port Vila, Vanuatu. Hadn't heard too much from this airplane recently, other than knowing it remained in the South Pacific. However, coincidentally today a flight plan popped up:

869 - DHC-6-400 N153QS Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Tarawa-Bonriki, Kiribati (NGTA/TRW) - Majuro, Marshall Islands (PKMJ/MAJ)

900 - DHC-6-400 C-FVGY Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC


  • Victoria, BC (CYYJ/YYJ) - Portland, OR (KPDX/PDX)
  • Portland, OR (KPDX/PDX) - Sonoma County, CA (KSTS/STS)
  • Sonoma County, CA (KSTS/STS) - Murrieta-French Valley, CA (F70)
C-FVGY departed Victoria this morning, initially for Portland, and then on to Sonoma County and finally into Ikhana at Murrieta-French Valley, CA.

This is the first trip for C-FVGY since returning from Brazil in Aug-2014.

Photo Update

Work continues at Icarius Aerotechnic on MSN 300 F-RACE of the French Air Force as can be seen below:

I have completed all 844 legacy Twin Otter history files (well, 843 actually because 610 is still missing) sent them to Neil, and the highest serials were uploaded recently. So that takes care of getting all of the airplanes actually completed and uploaded to TwinOtterArchive. Last week's project was to then bring everything that was already there up-to-date, something I didn't want to do until all the aircraft were uploaded. There were 31 files re-written and updated, and 9 other changes that were primarily corrections/updates to formatting/links etc. All of those went to Neil over the last weekend.
Once that is complete the update process becomes quick and easy - one by one as they occur so we can stay more current.

On the photo front, I am continuing to work on the files we have in preparation to add them to the Archive at some point. A quick file count of those came out at just short of 15,000....

Just some random examples below:

MSN 249 - DHC-6-300 N23RM
Rocky Mountain Airways
DHC Photo

MSN 549 - DHC-6-300 N160CA
Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines
Downsview, ON Jun-1977
DHC Photo

MSN 560 - DHC-6-300 9U-BHB
Air Burundi
Downsview, ON Nov-1977
Sheldon D. Benner Photo

MSN 668 - DHC-6-300 HK-2439
Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia S.A.
San Andres, Dec-1993
Chris Witt Photo

MSN 736 - DHC-6-300 YI-AKY
Iraqi Northern Petroleum Company
Downsview, ON Mar-1981
DHC Photo