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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

C-FTWU Cancelled to Maldives, C-GKKN arrives Honolulu and Some Photos

Thank-you again to those who have been kind enough to be in contact over the past week, it has been much appreciated.

372 - DHC-6-300 C-FTWU Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Calgary, AB

Registration cancelled 29-Dec-2014 to 8Q-

792 - C-GKKN DHC-6-300 Unity Group Ltd., Calgary, AB

  • Guam-Int'l. (PGUM/GUM) - Majuro, Marshall Islands (PKMJ/MAJ)
  • Majuro, Marshall Islands (PKMJ/MAJ) - Honolulu, HI (PHNL/HNL)
C-GKKN has landed safely in Honolulu, completing the 2,593 mile trek from Majuro in 12 hours and forty-two minutes. It joins sister-ship C-GKPG (MSN 802) which arrived in Honolulu on 23-Dec-2014.

The Gravitas DHC-6-200HG C-FFNT is currently still on the ground in Calgary awaiting delivery to the Maldives, and can be seen below in the photo from Dave Subelack.

MSN 226 - DHC-6-200HG C-FFNT
Gravitas Aviation Ltd. (Island Aviation Services)
Calgary, AB 03-Jan-2015
Dave Subelack Photo

MSN 226 - DHC-6-200HG C-FFNT
Gravitas Aviation Ltd. (Island Aviation Services)
Calgary, AB 28-Dec-2014
Dave Subelack Photo

A few slides arrived while I was out of commission, so after a run through the scanner they are presented below. The top one is interesting in that this is the first picture I have seen with the Libyan registration actually on it. 

MSN 206 - DHC-6-200 5A-DDZ
Libyan Ministry of Agriculture
P.M. Lammers Photo

MSN 447 - DHC-6-300 C-GPAO
North Cariboo Flying Service
Calgary, AB circa 2003/2004
Photographer Unknown

MSN 573 - DHC-6-300 C-FMUS
Aviation Quebec Labrador
Photographer Unknown

MSN 744 - DHC-6-300 5A-DJG
Jamahiriya Aviation
Max Fankhauser Photo