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Monday, 27 April 2015

Argentine Army DHC-6-200 Returns to Active Duty After Seven Years

AE-106, a DHC-6-200 (MSN 136) of the Argentine Army has just been rolled out of the Area de Material Quilmes base of the Argentine Air Force in Buenos Aires.

Original delivered to the Argentine Army in 1968, this marks the return to active duty after a period of seven years on the ground. The work completed brings the aircraft fully up to date, including installation of roll-up utility door. Thanks to Roberto Alarcón for the photograph below.

MSN 136 - DHC-6-200 AE-106
Ejercito Argentino/Argentine Army
Buenos Aires-Area de Material Quilmes 24-Apr-2015
Roberto Alarcón Photo
The aircraft looks as good as it did prior to leaving the factory forty-seven years ago, as seen in the photograph below.

MSN 136 - DHC-6-200 AE-100
Ejercito Argentino/Argentine Army
Downsview, ON 07-Sep-1968
Sheldon Benner Photo