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Monday, 11 May 2015

Brief Editorial and Two Cancellations from the U.S. Register

Advertising availability in the header bar is currently nearing capacity again, with two (possibly three) spots left available. Addition of another line is unlikely without reducing the size of the blocks to 180 pixels, which is something I would like to avoid. As of today I have had seven inquiries for space that have not been confirmed, and those remaining header spots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

As an alternative, advertising space in also available in the side bars, and these too also appear on every page of the blog. They are available at a flat annual rate by contacting the Editor.

The people who advertise here, and those that continue to make personal donations are the ones that are responsible for the blog continuing. This also allows me to dedicate some time to working on TwinOtterArchive, where a total of 85 files have been rewritten since 01-May-2015, and 91 photos added since 01-Mar-2015.

Thank-you for your ongoing support.

207 - DHC-6-200 N37ST Ted McGill, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Registration cancelled 05-May-2015; N37ST was written off on 16-Mar-1995 when it ditched into the Pacific, 175 miles NE of Honolulu, HI. It was on delivery to Great Barrier Airlines in New Zealand at the time.

542 - DHC-6-300 X2™ N34KH D.P. Acquisitions Inc., Wilmington, DE

Registration cancelled 06-May-2015 to P2-BBM