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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

45 9A-TOC Arrives in Zagreb for European Coastal, Photo of First Tara Air Series 400 in Nepal

Over the past few months there have been fairly regular suggestions about making TwinOtterSpotter into a subscription newsletter in an effort to offset the time and effort needed to gather and prepare the information. In my mind, that's about the last thing I would like to do, and I am committed to do everything possible to see things remain status-quo. It is critical however that there is additional advertising revenue, or just simple contributions to continue to make this work. 

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45 - DHC-6-200HG™  9A-TOC European Coastal Airlines, Zagreb


  • Aarhus, Denmark (EKAH/AAR) - Zagreb, Croatia (LDZA/ZAG)

9A-TOC has touched down in Zagreb for European Coastal Airlines. The delivery flight began from the Ikhana Group facility in Murrieta, CA on 17-Jul-2015 and covered just under 6,500 miles en route.

9A-TOC is aircraft number three for European Coastal, with the second (9A-TOB) due for delivery from RUAG Aviation in Bern, Switzerland shortly. Aircraft number four (MSN 96 9A-TOE) will come out of Murrieta upon completion of the 200HG™ upgrade work. Those of us in Canada will remember MSN 96 as the former C-FWTE last operated by Westcoast Air.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

921 - DHC-6-400 9N-AKL Tara Air, Kathmandu

Registered 16-Jul-2015, ex C-GVAT

MSN 921 - DHC-6-400 9N-AKL
Tara Air
Kathmandu, Nepal Jul-2015
Amit Gurung Photo