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Monday, 17 August 2015

330 P2-MCZ Departs Oklahoma for Georgia

Following removal of the ferry tanks at Murrieta, CA P2-MCZ departed again fairly quickly and covered another 1,100 miles yesterday before a night stop in Elk City, OK.

330 - DHC-6-300 P2-MCZ Airlines PNG, Boroko


  • Murrieta, CA (F70) - Saint Johns, AZ (KSJN/SJN)
  • Saint Johns, AZ (KSJN/SJN) - Elk City, OK (KELK/ELK)

Today the aircraft should arrive at the National Aerotech facility in Hampton, GA (barring any en route weather issues). The delivery flight from Port Moresby will have taken six days and covered about 9,000 miles.


  • Elk City, OK (KELK/ELK) - Lyon-Fletcher Field, MS (KCKM/CKM)
  • Lyon-Fletcher Field, MS (KCKM/CKM) - Hampton, GA (4A7)

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