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Saturday, 30 January 2016

593 - N564D Departs Fort Pierce for Bermuda

593 - DHC-6-300 N564D AMS Cloud TO 593 LLC, Delray Beach, FL (Aviation Mgmt Sales)


  • Fort Pierce-Saint Lucie County, FL (KFPR/FPR) - Bermuda (TXKF/BDA)

After an initial departure back on 01-Jan-2016, and subsequent return to Fort Pierce, FL N564D has again today departed to Bermuda. The aircraft is en route to the RUAG facility at Bern, Switzerland where it will be prepared for European Coastal Airlines.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 29-Jan-2016, Welcome to Texas Air Services

Welcome to Texas Air Services as the newest advertising support partner at Twin Otter Spotter. TAS is one of the most well known MRO and sales organizations there is, having been in the Twin Otter business for 21+ years.

Texas Air Services is also a Viking Air Factory Endorsed Component Centre.

The advertising support partners appearing at Twin Otter Spotter represent the top vendors in their respective fields, and your support in doing business with them is appreciated.

312 - DHC-6-300 C-GCKB Ken Borek Air, Calgary, AB

Sustained repairable damage during rejected take-off at Skiway 20, Antarctica on 20-Jan-2016 when ski attachment harness failed. Aircraft ground looped and came to a stop at the side of the skiway with damage limited to flaps, aileron and left wingtip.

577 - DHC-6-300 OY-NSA DHC6 Invest ApS, Beder

Registration restored 28-Jan-2016, as aircraft nears completion of overhaul & refurbishing in Switzerland, and prepares for delivery to Denmark.

Monday, 25 January 2016

280 - H4-OTA at Gizo, Solomon Islands

Former Airlines PNG DHC-6-300 H4-OTA is seen below at Gizo, Solomon Islands courtesy of Tony Skelton.

MSN 280 - DHC-6-300 H4-OTA
Gizo, Solomon Islands 24-Nov-2015
Tony Skelton Photo, via Paul Howard

Friday, 22 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 22-Jan-2016



Next Aircraft for European Coastal seen at RUAG 

MSN 696 HB-LRQ continues toward completion of overhaul and refurbishing by RUAG in Bern, Switzerland. On completion the aircraft will be delivered to Croatia's European Coastal Airlines as 9A-TOE. This aircraft is the former G-BZFP of Loganair.

MSN 696 - DHC-6-300 HB-LRQ
RUAG Aviation (European Coastal Airlines)
Bern, Switzerland
RUAG Photo

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Indonesia Issues Preliminary Report on Aviastar Accident 02-Oct-2015

The content of the preliminary report can be found at the Aviation Herald at the following link:

Aviastar Crash 02-Oct-2015

389 N288SA Cancelled to Indonesia

389 - DHC-6-300 N288SA Montecito New York LLC, Scottsdale, AZ (CAAMS Leasing)

Registration cancelled 19-Jan-2016 to Indonesia where it has become PK-HVN with Dimonim Air.

Monday, 18 January 2016

766 - C-GKPV Cancelled to Indonesia

766 - DHC-6-300 C-GKPV Unity Group Ltd., Airdrie, AB

Registration cancelled 15-Jan-2016 to Indonesia as PK-VIL. C-GKPV was delivered to Biak, Indonesia for Skycab Aviation on 10-Sep-2015.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

935 C-FVIK Heads for Painting, Photo Update for 14-Jan-2016

935 - DHC-6-400 C-FVIK Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Spokane, WA (GEG) 14-Jan-2016 for painting

Photo Update

MSN 301 - DHC-6-300 9N-ABA
Royal Nepal Airlines
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kenneth I. Swartz Collection

MSN 328 - DHC-6-300 5R-MGC
Cameroon Airlines (leased from Air Madagascar)
Jacques Guillem Collection

MSN 329 - DHC-6-300 5R-MGD
Air Madagascar
Antananarivo 15-May-2007
Thomas Brugge Photo

MSN 334 - DHC-6-300 N344CS
Rampart Aviation/ARKeX
Reykjavík, Iceland 20-Jun-2014
Karl Georg Karlsson Photo

MSN 347 - DHC-6-300 N899AS
Air Serv International
Maastricht, Netherlands
M.J. Ody Collection

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

364 SE-GEE Returns to Europe and Photo Update

364 - DHC-6-300 SE-GEE Skydive Airlines, Johanneshov

Flew via Cairo - Heraklion - Corfu - Split 13/14-Jan-2016 returning to Europe. The aircraft had been in the U.A.E. since late Nov-2015.

A reminder, if you haven't done so already, you are welcome to check out the most recent addition to the blog line up by clicking on the link below. I know a lot of the corporate readers have interest/business in other light/medium turboprop aircraft as well, so the new blog may be of interest.

Advertising continues to be available here on Twin Otter Spotter, or any of the other blogs as well. If you are interested, just use the contact the editor form.

Photo Update

Since it remains fairly quiet on the informational front, an opportunity to feature some historical photos from the 1960's to 1990's. These are file photos which have not yet been uploaded to Twin Otter Archive.

MSN 141 - DHC-6-200 N64141
Newcal Aviation Inc.
Calgary-Int'l, AB Mar-1986
Anthony J. Hickey Photo

MSN 145 - DHC-6-200 N1375T
Trans East Airlines
Toronto-Pearson (Malton), ON 22-Mar-1969
Sheldon D. Benner Photo

MSN 149 - DHC-6-200 F-OCLV
Air Polynesie

MSN 159 - DHC-6-200 CF-OOL
Lambair Ltd.

MSN 162 - DHC-6-200 HR-AKN
Islena de Inversiones S.A.
Winnipeg, MB Mar-1990
Anthony J. Hickey Photo

MSN 184 - DHC-6-200 N1455T
Sea Airmotive Inc.
Anchorage, AK 24-Jul-1973
Bruce Drum Photo, K.I. Swartz Collection

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nordic Seaplanes Works Toward Spring Launch

Denmark's Nordic Seaplanes continues to work towards their planned launch this spring, with scheduled Twin Otter floatplane service between Copenhagen and Aarhus. The company's new Twin Otter (OY-NSA) has been undergoing overhaul and upgrading in Altenrhein/Saint Gallen, Switzerland as seen below.

MSN 577 - DHC-6-300 OY-NSA
Altenrhein/Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Twin Otter Captains Required

CAAMS Leasing has an immediate Indonesian requirement for two DHC-6 Twin Otter Captains.

The assignment’s Indonesian requirements are as follows:

1. Current type rating DHC 6 300 or 400 series as Captain.
2. CPL and IR
3. Min 3000 total flight hrs.
4. Min 1500 hrs as Captain.
5. Min on type DHC6 250 hrs.
5. Min 500 hrs for Mountain flying experienced.
6. Tour of duty: 2:1

Please contact CAAMS Leasing today if interested.  

Monday, 11 January 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2016

706 Departs Australia, 934 Exits the Paint Shop

706 - DHC-6-300 P2-KSI Hevilift PNG, Waigani

Testflown from Cairns, QLD 08-Jan-2016, and currently flight planned to return from Cairns, QLD to Port Moresby, NCD 11-Jan-2016. I believe that P2-KSI has been in Australia since arriving from
Port Moresby on 09-Sep-2015.

934 - DHC-6-400 C-GLVA Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Flight planned for Spokane-GEG, WA - Victoria, BC 10-Jan-2016 following painting.

The Viking Series 400 Production List has been updated today.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Website & Blog Updates for 2016

Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy New Year - I hope that it is a safe and prosperous one for all.

A very warm welcome to Viking Air as a banner advertiser here on Twin Otter Spotter. Their banners will be found near the page top on the blog, as well as on your e-mail version for those people who are subscribed.

On the subject of subscribers, the distribution time for all the blogs has now been pushed back by two hours. This means it should be sent out around 1400 EST - this allows me just a bit more time to prepare.

The first nine days of January have been unbelievably slow in the way of activity, hence the lack of any significant updates to Twin Otter Spotter. There are things going on behind the scenes for sure, just none that I can really report on.

New Website and Changes to the Blog Line-up

Neil Aird has created DHC-3 Archive based on the work of Karl E. Hayes and Ian Macintosh. Neil and Ian of course are the founders of the ultimate DHC website,, while Karl is easily the the world's subject matter expert on the DHC-3.

DHC-3 Archive follows the familiar format of, with plenty of pictures, and a combination of the historical data compiled by Karl and Ian. Using the work of both, Neil has been busy building the site itself, with about sixty aircraft having been completed already.

As a group, we have now launched dedicated websites for the DHC-2, DHC-3 and DHC-6, together with news & photo blogs for the DHC-6, DHC-7 and DHC-8. The links to everything can be found at the bottom of the page.

Of course, contribution in the form of photographs and information to DHC-3 Archive are most welcome, and you can contact Neil directly through the website.

During December I did some consolidation on the other blogs that I prepare, to concentrate my efforts on the aircraft that are of most interest to me personally. In addition to the three anchor sites, the DHC-7, DHC-8 and CRJ I have now added Regional Turboprop Spotter. 

News and photographs of the various turboprop aircraft in the regional market don't always get the best coverage, particularly those like the Beech 99/1900, Swearingen Metro, Jetstream 31, or EMB-110/120. After initially thinking about creating separate individual blogs for each type, it became more obvious the best plan was to have one site that covered multiple types. If you are interested specifically in the DHC-7 or DHC-8, and want to see only those, then you can visit either site. If you are more interested in seeing the latest news and photographs on the regional fleet as a whole, then the new blog could be more useful (the DHC-7 and DHC-8 are covered there as well).

In any case, please check out the new lineup!  Contribution of information and photographs are encouraged, and you can always subscribe to any or all of the blogs to receive your news and photos via e-mail.

Friday, 1 January 2016

593 Departs Florida for Europe, Photos of J8-UNI and C-FMRI

593 - DHC-6-300 N564D AMS Cloud TO 593 LLC, Delray Beach, FL (Aviation Mgmt Sales)


  • Fort Pierce-Saint Lucie County, FL (KFPR/FPR) - Bermuda (TXKF/BDA)

N564D has departed Fort Pierce this morning, initially bound for Bermuda, then continuing on to the Azores, and finally Bern, Switzerland where it will enter the RUAG facility.

MSN 593 - DHC-6-300 N564D
Aviation Management Sales
Fort Pierce, FL 30-Aug-2014
AMS Photo

The newest addition to the SVG Air (Grenadine Alliance) fleet is seen below at Saint Lucia's Hewanorra Airport courtesy of Kenny Antoine.

MSN 792 - DHC-6-300 J8-UNI
Grenadine Alliance (SVG Air)
Saint Lucia Dec-2015
Kenny Antoine Photo

The former XC-ALA is seen on approach to Calgary with thanks to DJRXXS

MSN 368 - DHC-6-300 C-FMRI
Gravitas Aviation
Calgary-Int'l, AB