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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Website & Blog Updates for 2016

Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy New Year - I hope that it is a safe and prosperous one for all.

A very warm welcome to Viking Air as a banner advertiser here on Twin Otter Spotter. Their banners will be found near the page top on the blog, as well as on your e-mail version for those people who are subscribed.

On the subject of subscribers, the distribution time for all the blogs has now been pushed back by two hours. This means it should be sent out around 1400 EST - this allows me just a bit more time to prepare.

The first nine days of January have been unbelievably slow in the way of activity, hence the lack of any significant updates to Twin Otter Spotter. There are things going on behind the scenes for sure, just none that I can really report on.

New Website and Changes to the Blog Line-up

Neil Aird has created DHC-3 Archive based on the work of Karl E. Hayes and Ian Macintosh. Neil and Ian of course are the founders of the ultimate DHC website,, while Karl is easily the the world's subject matter expert on the DHC-3.

DHC-3 Archive follows the familiar format of, with plenty of pictures, and a combination of the historical data compiled by Karl and Ian. Using the work of both, Neil has been busy building the site itself, with about sixty aircraft having been completed already.

As a group, we have now launched dedicated websites for the DHC-2, DHC-3 and DHC-6, together with news & photo blogs for the DHC-6, DHC-7 and DHC-8. The links to everything can be found at the bottom of the page.

Of course, contribution in the form of photographs and information to DHC-3 Archive are most welcome, and you can contact Neil directly through the website.

During December I did some consolidation on the other blogs that I prepare, to concentrate my efforts on the aircraft that are of most interest to me personally. In addition to the three anchor sites, the DHC-7, DHC-8 and CRJ I have now added Regional Turboprop Spotter. 

News and photographs of the various turboprop aircraft in the regional market don't always get the best coverage, particularly those like the Beech 99/1900, Swearingen Metro, Jetstream 31, or EMB-110/120. After initially thinking about creating separate individual blogs for each type, it became more obvious the best plan was to have one site that covered multiple types. If you are interested specifically in the DHC-7 or DHC-8, and want to see only those, then you can visit either site. If you are more interested in seeing the latest news and photographs on the regional fleet as a whole, then the new blog could be more useful (the DHC-7 and DHC-8 are covered there as well).

In any case, please check out the new lineup!  Contribution of information and photographs are encouraged, and you can always subscribe to any or all of the blogs to receive your news and photos via e-mail.