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Monday, 11 April 2016

Aircraft Update for 11-Apr-2016

Looking very smart in its new paint scheme, N166DH (MSN 66) is seen below at Atlanta-South Regional, GA.

MSN 66 - DHC-6-100 N166DH
Atlanta-South Regional, GA
Gordon Shepherd Photo

Kevin McCole's N190KM (MSN 190) seen below at Atlanta-South Regional, GA

MSN 190 - DHC-6-200 N190KM
Kevin McCole
Atlanta-South Regional, GA
Gordon Shepherd Photo

Air Labrador's latest Twin Otter C-GHVV (MSN 391) has now received titles, and logos as seen in the photo below.

MSN 391 - DHC-6-300 C-GHVV
Air Labrador
Goose Bay, NL Apr-2016
Air Labrador Photo

Twin Otter International's N515AR (MSN 515) is seen below at San Diego-Montgomery courtesy of
Michael Grande.

MSN 515 - DHC-6-300 N515AR
Twin Otter International
San Diego-Montgomery, CA Apr-2016
Michael Grande Photo

913 - DHC-6-400 N913BS NASS Holdings LLC, Titusville, FL

Flew Titusville, FL - Burlington, VT 11-Apr-2016 on delivery to the United Emirates Joint Air Command. N913BS had been at Titusville since 22-Feb-2015 when it arrived from Victoria, BC. It is seen below whilst still carrying its Canadian registration, courtesy of Tim Martin.

MSN 913 - DHC-6-400 C-FAFI
Viking Air Ltd. (UAE Joint Aviation Command)
Victoria, BC 16-Feb-2015
Tim Martin Photo