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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Aircraft Update for 25-Jun-2016

North Wright's C-GRDD doesn't get photographed very often, as it seldom leaves the vicinity of Norman Wells, so the photograph from James Paveley below was nice to see. C-GRDD is down at Springbank for some attention at Rocky Mountain Aircraft.

MSN 54 - DHC-6-100 C-GRDD
North-Wright Air
Springbank, AB 17-Jun-2016
James Paveley Photo

From the same vintage, Summit Air's C-FASQ is seen below at Yellowknife, again with thanks to James Paveley. While C-GRDD above remains pretty well as it left the factory with -20 engines, C-FASQ has had the Ikhana 200HG upgrade completed.

MSN 78 - DHC-6-200HG™ C-FASQ
8199400 Canada Inc. (Summit Air)
Yellowknife, NT 17-Jun-2016
James Paveley Photo

524 - DHC-6-300 N251SA Montecito New York LLC, Scottsdale, AZ (CAAMS Leasing)

Flight planned for Key West, FL - Cozumel 25-Jun-2016

940 - DHC-6-400 C-GUVT Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Registration cancelled 20-Jun-2016; this is one of the three Daily Air machines which are currently at Springbank being prepared for delivery to Taiwan. I'm guessing that we'll see an interim change in registered owner prior to becoming B-55577.