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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Twin Otter Update for 23-Feb-2017

MSN 182 - DHC-6-200 C-FGQL
Air Schefferville
Schefferville, QC Jul-1987
Christian Hanuise Photo

Didn't actually notice that this is the same aircraft as above until I went to caption both pictures. Still looking great, although not quite as brightly painted!

MSN 182 - DHC-6-200 P2-MFU
MAF Mareeba Photo

Gum Air and Blue Wing Airlines Twin Otters
Gum Air Photo

577 - DHC-6-300 OY-NSA Nordic Seaplanes, Aarhus

Flew Altenrhein/Saint Gallen - Billund 14-Feb-2017 to return to service. The aircraft had been in Switzerland since 28-Dec-2016.

623 - DHC-6-300 C-GADH Gravitas Aviation Ltd., West Vancouver, BC

Flew Nairobi-Wilson - Aswan 23-Feb-2017 as it continues on its delivery flight to Canada. A photo of C-GADH can be seen in the 21-Feb-2017 update.

Maps generated using the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.