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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Twin Otter Update for 22-Aug-2017

The replacement website is nearing completion. I have a couple more regions to finish up on the operator lists (USA, South America). There is also some work left with the advertiser spots, such as putting them in the same order as before. You'll note that the advertisers (the ones who make the blog possible) are now always visible, the sizing is dynamic dependent on your platform. So no requirement to scroll down to reach the blog.

I have added blog entries for 18th and today at the new site. You are welcome to check things out, keeping in mind that there remains some work yet to do. If you are a current subscriber at TwinOtterSpotter there will be no need to re-subscribe, I will transfer everyone over in due course.

The home page changes pictures at 5 sec. intervals, if you click on the picture itself it will also move it on to the next image.

Click the logo below to check the new site.