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Twin Otter Community Classifieds

Free classified advertising for Twin Otter related products and services, employment opportunities and seeking employment. To create a listing here, please click on the banner above and send your details to the Editor. Any advertising copy should be prepared (i.e. ready to go) before submission.



Regent Aircraft has Wipline 13000S Floats

A Recently Overhauled and Freshly Painted set of Wipline Floats

We want your business!

Regent is offering the rebuilt floats described below,  exclusively to you.

Available: Immediately

Call for Pricing

Wipline S/N 13099 and S/N 13100
These Floats are Complete and Ready for Installation onto a Float Ready Aircraft.
They include Spreader Bars, Top Kit and Fairings.


Floats Have Been Completely Rebuilt with Regent's exclusive

These Floats are protected for use in High Salt Content Areas 
Amphibian Floats  

Ready for Delivery 
S/N 13061 and S/N 13062
Amphibian Wipline Floats Freshly Overhauled and Painted, Ready to go to Work.

Regent's Years of Experience uses OEM Parts, Custom Jigs and takes special care sealing and inhibiting the floats, for years of trouble free service.

Custom JIG for Wipline Floats
Ensures a Factory Straight Result that fits easily to your aircraft

Regent's Exclusive Inhibiting Process
Special care is taken during assembly to ensure proper water tight seals and"Extreme Corrosion Preventative Measures"
are included to reduce any chance of corrosion in high salt operations.

Working With You

Our Customers Success is Important
Regent Aircraft Services has been providing cost effective solutions for our customers since 1977 and our Quality Products are flying right now!
"We will go the extra mile to get the job done and your aircraft in the air."

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Surplus Twin Otter Parts Inventory

Ikhana Aircraft Services has recently established a new page on their website that identifies surplus Twin Otter inventory that is available for purchase. The link to the page is below:



Rutherford County Airport-Marchman Field (KFQD)
622 Airport Road • Hangar 5C
Rutherfordton, NC 28139 • USA
Tel. +1 954 696 6802 / +1 561 308 5926
 Fax +1 954 337 4653

EASA Certified Viking DHC-6-400 Twin Otter Aircraft available for Immediate Delivery.
For Immediate Long Term Dry Lease.

See for our most up-to-date Twin Otters for lease and sale.

         Twin Otter Series DHC-6-400
   Serial Number: 857  
Current Registration TC-KHC
Proposed New USA Registration N857WJ
Total Time: 350 hours / Total Landing: 540
Manufactured: Viking Air Limited 2012 

IFR certified, IFR equipped, Commercially EASA certified, JAR-OPS-1 registered 

Equipment Options Installed 

Wing & Tail Surface full de-Ice System.
Windshield Heating System.
Propeller de-ice system.
Wipaire Float Kit Installed.


Honeywell Apex VFR Avionics Suite

• Honeywell Apex Commercial IFR package

• Dual GPS Installation, WAAS

• Dual MMDR (Dual VHF Com)

• Dual VOR / ILS

• Dual ADF

• Dual DME

• ART 2000 Weather Radar

• Dual Mode S diversity (EHS) transponders

• 406 MHz ELT with navigation Interface and remote switch

• Dual Audio Panels

• Cabin Address System

• Mk 6 Class A TAWS (includes high resolution mapping on MFD)

• Radio Altimeter
• Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
• Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

Number of engines and propellers:
Total Time:
350 h
350 h
Prop Make/Model:
Hartzel HC-B3TDN-3D
Hartzel HC-B3TDN-3D

 Technical Information

  • Engine/Power Plant: PT6A-34
  • Cockpit Crew : 2
  • Maximum Range : 1,435 Km (standard tankage)
  • Maximum Cruising Speed : 170 kt (sea level)
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 19
  • Length 15.77 m
  • Wingspan : 19.8 m
  • Height: 5.9 m
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 5,670 kg



Length, Cabin                                                          5.61m
Height, Cabin                                                           1.50m
Width, Cabin                                                           1.32m


Standard seating                                                      15 pax
High capacity                                                          19 pax


Standard Aircraft Basic Weight                                3,121 kg

5. FUEL Burn at Economy Cruise

146 KTS at 10,000ft                                                468.2 lbs/hour (0.311nm/lb of fuel)
Fuel Capacities                                                       378 US Gallons


Manufacturer                                                         Pratt & Whitney
Model                                                                     PT6A-34


Take Off                                                                620 Shp
Max Continuous                                                     620 Shp


Number of blades                                                   3
Construction                                                           Metal

The status and information contained in this specification is complete, accurate and reflects the status of the aircraft; based upon the aircraft equipment list, airframe log book, engine log books, weight and balance book, and aircraft flight log; as of November, 2015.

Specifications and/or descriptions as introductory information, and do not constitute representations or warranties of CAAMS Leasing.  Accordingly, you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. Any proposed transaction is subject to final execution of a contract acceptable in form and substance to CAAMS Leasing, its client(s), and their counsel.

CAAMS maintenance, repair and overhaul facility provides complete Twin Otter maintenance services to operators worldwide.  CAAMS MRO Services, Inc. is looking to buy Twin Otters in any condition as well as Twin Otter spare parts.

Contact us today for detailed specifications and pricing.
Tel. +1 954 696 6802 or Tel. +1 561 308 5926
Fax +1 954 337 4653


DHC-6-300 MSN 634 Available For Sale
121 Equipped & Certified
$2,500,000 USD

Twin Otter DHC-6 1979 Serial Number 634

TSN                            29,381
CSN                           36,918

Engines:                    No. 1                          No. 2
S/N                             PG0046                     41852
 TSN                           9,430                         18,452
TSO                            1,436                          2,992

Propellers:               No. 1                          No. 2
S/N                            BUA28757                BUA27216   
TBO                           3,000H/5Y                 3,000H/5Y
TSO                           1.5                             1.5      
Time Remain            2,998.5                       2,998.5
Calendar Due           16 Apr 2017              20 Mar 2017

MTOW                        12,500
MLW                           12,300
MZFW                         12,300


VOR Receiver:                                                         Dual Garmin GNS 430W
ADF Receiver:                                                          Dual Collins ADF-60
VHF Transceiver:                                                     Dual Collins VHF-20
ATC Transponder:                                                   Collins TDR90
ADF Controller:                                                        Collins ADF60
HF Control:                                                               King KTR953
ATC Transponder:                                                   Collins TDR90
VHF Comm. Control:                                               Dual Collins VC240
VHF Comm. Nav.:                                                    Dual Collins VHF-20
Glide Slope Antenna:                                              
Marker Beacon Antenna:                                        
Transponder Antenna:                                            
DME Antenna:                                                           
VHF Antenna:                                                           
ADF Loop Antenna:                                                  
HF Transceiver:                                                        King KTR953
DME Indicator:                                                         Collins 339F 12
DME Receiver/Transmitter:                                     Collins DME-40
Audio Control Box:                                                   Bendix King
Directional Gyro:                                                      Dual Sperry C14A
Radar:                                                                       ART2000
Magnetic Compass:                                                 Smith KCA0104W
TAWS :                                                                     Sandel ST3400 Class A
TCAS:                                                                       Skywatch HP
Radar Altimeter:                                                       Collins ALT 50
GPS:                                                                         Garmin GPS 165 TSO


19 Bush Seating, Quick Convertible Interior

Eriksson Aviation
(651) 261-5629


CAAMS Leasing is happy to announce for November 2015 delivery one De Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft equipped with zero time since overhaul engines…with fresh CPCP 5 inspection. MSN 524 was previously operated by FAA USA FAR 121 airline. Detailed specifications and lease terms will be provided to you upon request. MSN 524 can also be made available on lease-to-purchase terms. We lease our Twin Otters dry or wet ACMI world wide. Our Aircraft msn 524 is available for your inspection at our North Carolina / USA facilities.
CAAMS MRO Services can offer you an EASA certified PT6A-27 engine on exchange or outright sale. TSN 13,029 hour / CSN 10,468 / TSO “0” hours.
Twin Otter spares available for sale:

We have….

  • Pair of -300 wings for sale or lease or exchange.
  • Sta. 218 mainframe – mid time with paperwork & complete attachment angles / fittings.
  • EASA certified PT6A-27 engine on exchange or outright sale. TSN 13,029 hour / CSN 10,468 / TSO “0” hours.
  • High Floatation “Tundra” nose fork.
  • Exchange flight controls and ‘skin’ parts to repair ailerons.
  • Hi Back Commuter & Utility Seats. Singles, Doubles & Aft Bulkheads Seats.
  • Jepsen Burns hi-back commuter seats (4 doubles, 3 singles).
Twin Otter spares wanted to buy or trade for:

We need…..
  • Looking to purchase Twin Otter surplus spare parts in any condition.
  • Seeking a HF radio for the Twin Otter.
CAAMS MRO Services provides inspection and maintenance services to its Twin Otter customers and Twin Otter spare parts. CAAMS MRO also stocks Dash 7 spare parts and has a Dash 7 teardown project aircraft inside one of our hangars. Contact the undersigned for price quotation, detailed specifications and to set up your Twin Otter inspection.

CAAMS MRO Services, Inc.
Administrative Hangar contact:
622 Airport Road, Hangar 5C
Rutherford County Airport - Marchman Field (KFQD)
Rutherfordton, North Carolina 28139 / USA
Tel. +1-828-287-7410
Fax +1-954-337-4653